Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grocery Shopping - $552.79

I went to QFC early in the week because we were out of fruit and needed milk.  I spent on $28.52.

 $5.29 - Organic milk
$1.48/lb - peaches & nectarines
$1.00 - sour cream
$1.29 - spinach
$2.49 - Isernio's Sausage -nitrate free - on clearance
$1.39 - Canadian bacon on clearance
$0.33 - Kiwi each
$0.69/lb - bananas

I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up cheese and bananas because I was leaving town and wanted DH to have easy food for the kids.  I spent $9.92.
 $5.49 - 2# cheese
$0.88/lb - romas
$0.64/lb - bananas
$0.49 - English muffins on clearance
$0.99 - bread on clearance

The beef was delivered this week, too.  We paid $2.89/lb and got a whole lot of meat!  I don't know exactly how much it weighs because the 171 pounds on my receipt is likely before butchering and lots of weight is lost in the processing and packaging.  I can't find my receipt and the check hasn't cleared yet, but it was $496ish.

One more quick trip to the store as I was leaving town and needed to leave a few items for the meals I planned for the weekend.  I spent $3.19.

$.59 each - macaroni & cheese
$1.39 - sour cream
$0.62 - onions

Our milk delivery was $11.16 and I bought eggs for $4.00.

Total spent this week: $552.79
Total spent year-to-date 2013: $2,960.22
Weekly Average: $105.72


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