Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grocery Shopping - $51.74

This week was a bit strange with traveling so you'll have to bear with me.

Monday &Tuesday I did no shopping and used up stuff we had on hand. 
Wednesday we drove about 12 hours (with many stops) to Oregon.  We went to a grocery store for snacks and I spent $6.49 on juice pouches, baby carrots, and graham crackers.

Thursday and Friday we did July 4th stuff and got ready for a garage sale.  Friday night Mom and I went to the store for a few groceries and supplies for DD#1's 'stand' to sell cookies and beverages.  Total spending - $27.74 on DD #1's leftover supplies that I agreed to buy at cost, bananas, and 6# grapes.

We also went to Fred Meyer and I spent $13.82 on a couple of bags of chips, creamer, cottage cheese, and tomato & onion for the burgers we planned for Saturday dinner.  I also bought a few more bananas from the clearance rack and 4 cucumbers because my kids love them.

Finally on our drive home today we stopped at a Costco off  I-5 so I could grab the pull-ups that were on their last day of sale.  I picked up chips for $3.69, too.

There was no milk delivery because of our traveling and I didn't buy eggs for the same reason.

Total spending Week 27 - $51.74
Total spending to date for 2013 - $2,407.43
Average Weekly Spending - $89.16

I anticipate a huge expense for next week because our quarter cow is expected.


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