Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zucchini Sauce

I saw a great idea for zucchini a while back.  The gal was suggesting a zucchini sauce similar to applesauce for use in baking as a vegetable oil substitute.  That sounded good to me because while I know applesauce is a great substitute I hate to use it in baking because one of my girls LOVES it and running out is traumatic. 

So I tried it in a crockpot.

It cooked down just fine, but I forgot about seeds!  Who wants seeds in their bread?  Or in their cupcakes?

Rather than trying to pick them all out I figured I'd run it through my grinder/strainer.  It works so well with my applesauce, after all.

 But no luck.  Very little actually made it through the strainer . . .

. . . And I was left with only 1 cup (two half-cup portions).
Overall I was super-disappointed.  Mostly because I had to wash up my KitchenAid and all it's attachments for a measly 1 cup of this sauce!

So it took me over a week to try it again.  This time I cored the zuchini to avoid the seeds and cooked it down on the stovetop.  I mashed it up with a potato masher.

This time 4 medium-sized zucchini made 4 cups of the sauce which I was much happier with.

And they bake up well!  We had some yummy cupcakes and bread that were just as moist as ever.


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