Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Menu Plan

Oh it's been about six weeks of insanity around here.  Without going into detail I'll just mention headlice, eye infection, hand foot mouth, house guests, car trouble, roadtrip to southern california with 4 kids, two bench seats and no air conditioning,  preserving raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and peaches, and finally, starting our homeschool year. 

This week I really need the menu plan for several reasons:

1) I'm really low on perishable groceries because not using the garage freezer and the inside freezer being filled with fruit instead of meat.  I REFUSE to pay full price for meat so we're making do.

2) My brother is here working on our slow remodel and another man at the table requires a little more planning.

3) Homeschool and church activities all start up this week so a plan will be super helpful.

So here's my plan:

Monday - Shells & Cheese, apples
Tuesday - Grilled cheese
Wednesday - Nachos
Thursday - Nuggets
Friday - Mac & Cheese pie
Saturday - Chicken Salad

Monday - Beef Stroganoff (one package of round steak in the freezer)
Tuesday - Spaghetti (1.5 pounds of ground beef in the freezer)
Wednesday - At Church
Thursday - French Toast & Bacon
Friday - at Bible Study (providing huge pot of chili for potluck)
Saturday - Baked Pasta
Sunday - Chicken/Veggie/Stuffing Casserole (Mom gone)

Here's to a smooth week!


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