Saturday, September 15, 2012

Freezer Update

I had hoped to leave my freezer unplugged until August 15th and I almost made it.  I ended up plugging in on August 13th, the day before I picked up 30 pounds of blueberries because I wanted it nice and cold. 
I froze the berries in single layers and then filled gallon ziplocs with them.  That's the bottom shelf; all blueberries.  I had already picked raspberries and frozen them; see top right shelf in plastic boxes.  We had also been blackberry picking once and frozen those, too; see top left shelf in ziploc. 
The next shelf is full of zucchini sauce in old yogurt containers and some pork chops I picked up for $1.69/lb. 
The third shelf is shredded zucchini on the left, chicken nuggets in center (on sale last week) and six bags of organic frozen sweet potato sautee I bought on clearance to use at our twice monthly potluck.
The fourth shelf is 80 pounds of peeled, sliced, frozen peaches. 

It's nearly full already and it's only been 33 days!


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