Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grocery Markdowns

I went to Haggen last night to pick up organic carrots and tortillas which were both on sale.  I ended up buying more than I expected mostly due to excellent markdowns! 
You can see a few in the photo.  I got two cans of Campbell's Select Harvest soup for $.75 each, eight small cups of applesauce for $.10 each, two cans of green beans for $.25 each, and a can of organic tomato soup for $.79.

Then I went to QFC last night to pick up Annie's mac & cheese for $1.00/box because it was hte last day of the sale.  Again I found a markdown bonanza.

Mrs. Cubbison's Stuffing was $.89 per box and it has two packages in each box!  I like the instant stuffing for this one quick dinner the family loves and once in awhile I need a quick dinner.  Nancy's organic yogurt was $1.69 for the plain (only 1 left), and $2.49 for the vanilla.  Both excellent deals.  All those bananas were markdown to $.34/lb and the lunch meat was $1.49.  Pickles for $.89, 4 pack yogurt for $1.19, and cough medicine for $2.49 each after coupon rounded out my shopping trip. 

I've been seriously overspending on groceries and am in the process of making a plan to improve.


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