Friday, September 14, 2012

August Update & September Goals

So I'm very late with the August update.  I don't have a good report so I wasn't too enthusiastic about posting!

We had major sickness, car issues, and travel in August and I was in survival mode.  Now we're in September and I'm trying to figure out how to make life worth with homeschool Kindergarten and First Grade.

1. We saved a little more for the Emergency Fund.  We crept up to 21.4% but there's some bad news.  Our family vehicle is about to die.  It's a 1995 Suburban with 227,000 miles on it.  There's a darn good chance our emergency fund will be used to buy a new vehicle before the end of the year which means we'll be starting all over.  Oh well.  I'll just keep at it and hope for the best. 

2. I used the dryer exclusively in August.  Seriously.  I didn't hang a single load of wash the entire gorgeous month.  This is also exclusively due to headlice.  I wanted the hottest possible wash and the hottest possible dry.  I wanted to eradicate those suckers, environment be damned! 

3. I did can 50 pounds of peaches and froze another 100.  I did it in batches over three days.  Now I'm on the lookout for affordable pears and apples.

4. I completely ignored ProjectTwentySix as I dealt with headlice, hand foot mouth, eye styes, travel,and getting ready for homeschool.  I'm hoping to start again ASAP and double up posts.  Truly I just want to be done with the project and focus on other things, like homeschooling well.

5. I didn't even keep a thankful list! 

I'm purposefully not aiming high for September.  It's already halfway over, after all.

September Goals:
1. Save Something for Emergency Fund.  This will be challenging as we just bought 6 airline tickets.
2. September is usually beautiful but I'm not planning to hang dry.  I just want to be absolutely sure those stubborn lice are gone and I'm going to continue to cook all of our linens.
3. Plan and execute an amazing birthday party for DD#1 who is turning 7.
4. Post at least 30 days' worth in ProjectTwentySix.  That's at least 2 a day, starting tomorrow so I better get crackin'.
5. Keep a thankful list for the remainder of the month.  I already put a paper up on the cupboard.


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