Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Shopping - $38.09

I've been trying to be conservative in my grocery spending because I think I've been going overboard lately with my overall spending.  But then I keep running into good deals . . .
I went to Fred Meyer to pick up bread, cucumbers and bell peppers for 3/$1.  I picked up a head of lettuce to supplement our slowing garden production and a bag of lettuce for a meal I'm delivering to a new mom this week.  Nuggets were on sale for $4.99 and I had a manufacturer's coupon for an additional $1.50 off along with a store coupon for $2 off frozen food.  I couldn't pass those up for $1.49.  Then we  checked the markdown bin.  I picked up:

5 cans of condensed veggie soup - $.49 each; a good emergency lunch
can of corn - $.49
4 cans of green beans - $.29 each
can of chicken broth - $.29
can of tomato sauce - $.29
2 large cans of tomatoes - $.69 each
our favorite bread was marked down to $.99
I let DD#1 pick a treat.  She went with the donuts for $1.19

Then DD#3 and I went out for a mommy-daughter date today and she chose a donut.   We went to the grocey store and ate at a deli table.  Then we checked the markdowns.

I love hummus and was delighted to find some for $1.99, especially since I have pita right now.
I picked up some yogurt for 3/$1 then spotted some sour cream cups for only $.39 each.  I was so very excited to see these for two reasons: 1) It's hard to find 8 oz. cups now that yogurts are 6 oz. 2) They have lids!  I love to freeze portions and the 8oz cup is perfect.  WE also picked up grapes which were on sale and bananas which we were out of.  Then we browsed the meat department and picked up these 13 oz. Isernio's chicken sausage packages for $1.99 each.  I bought all that they had because it was a great price on quality meat.   

All told I spent $15.40 at Fred Meyer and $22.69 at QFC for a total spending of $38.09.  We are trying out having our milk delivered and a friend is selling me eggs from her yard chickens so my goal is to keep my grocery store spending under $50.  This week I'm on track, but Albertsons had double coupons in the paper today so I may find some deals if I can keep it under my remaining $11.91 for the week!


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