Thursday, September 13, 2012

Garden Update

We got home after a ten day trip over Labor Day to find our garden blooming.  Our teenage babysitter came a few times to water for us and I'm sure that helped tremendously because temperatures had been so high.
Here are some beautiful tomatoes.

Here is a gorgeous bell pepper.  I waited a few days to pick it so it could grow a bit.  Unfortunately once I did pick it, DD#3 snatched it when I wasn't looking and delivered to the neighbors.  They shouted out their window to me in the garden saying, "Joanna was just here.  Thanks for the bell pepper."  I was pretty disappointed, but yay for making friends with the new neighbors.
These huge zucchini were waiting when we got home, too.  I made all of them in to a zucchini paste/sauce that I'll post about another time.

I picked these a few days after we got home.  The tomatoes were used in two dinners and about 4 cups were diced and frozen to use later in the year.

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