Friday, June 11, 2010

How I Grocery Shop - What's a "Good Price?"

I have referred to a "good price" several times in this grocery shopping series so I thought I should specify what that means for me. I love to bargain shop but recognize that not everyone has the time or inclination to hunt the deals like I do. You may find that different prices than these are perfectly satisfactory for your family and that's great! You just do the best you can with what you have - the idea behind knowing a "good price" for you is so you can recognize when to buy.

Below are some of my "limits" on food items I typically buy. There are always exceptions like if I "must buy", but in general I try to stay below these prices. Keep in mind these are for standard size & not organic prices.

Cold cereal - $1.00/box
Yogurt - $.35/cup
Cheese - $2.00/lb (all types)
Lunchmeat - $2.00/lb
Olives - $1.00/can
Bread - $1.25/loaf
Macaroni & Cheese - $.50 regular & $1.00 organic
Milk - $2.00/gallon regular & $5.00/gallon organic
Pasta - $1.00/lb
Pasta Sauce - $1.00/jar
Meat - $2.00/lb (includes round steak, bacon, sausage, pork)
Chicken, boneless - $1.79/lb
Chicken, bone in - $1.29/lb
Chicken, whole - $.89/lb
Ground Beef - $1.79/lb
Sour Cream - $1.00/lb
Cream Cheese - $1.00/8 oz brick
Cottage Cheese - $1.50/lb
Eggs - $1.25/dozen
Most fruit - $1.00/lb
Salad dressing - $1.00/bottle
leafy lettuce - $1.29/head
cucumber & bell pepper- $.79/ea
tomato - $.99/lb
Flour - $2.00/5# bag
Sugar - $2.00/5# bag
Chocolate chips - $1.00/bag
Mayo - $2.00/full-size jar
Butter - $1.65/lb
Coffeemate (or similar) - $1.00/16 oz. or $2.00/32 oz.
Tea - $2.00/box
Coffee - $5.00/big can
Tortillas - $1.50/package
Tortilla chips - $1.00/bag

I rarely buy the following items so I don't know what a "good price" would accurately be. These are semi-educated guesses.

Soda - $.75 two liter, $2.50 12-pack
Juice - $1.00 bottle or frozen can
Ice cream - $2.00/half gallon
Frozen pizza (family size) - $2.50
Frozen pizza (individual) - $.75
Salsa - $2.00/jar

Do you have a "good price" limit on an item I haven't listed? I'm sure many of you readers have much more varied menus than I do and would be able to add to this list.


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