Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekly Grocery Shopping

I visited 3 stores this week: Safeway, QFC, and Costco. I did not make it to Albertson's to use the double coupons because they were CLOSED when I arrived Tuesday night. Grr. I was pretty ticked. Next time I'll head to Woodinville instead of Redmond if I need to shop after 11PM.

Safeway Spent $8.02 & Saved $16.91:

Best Foods Mayo - sale price $3.79, store coupon (SC) reduced to $1.99, & Manufacturer's Coupon (MC) for $.40/2 = $1.79 each (needed these for meal swap)
Oscar Meyer hot dogs - sale price $1.98 each, SC to $.99, MC $1.00/2 = $.49 each
Lucerne Yogurt - clearance to $.30 each
Cinnamon Toast Crunch - clearance to $.174 each, MC $1.00/2 = $1.24 each
Wishbone Dressing - sale price $1.29, MC ($.75) = $.54
QFC Spent $4.03 & Saved $8.03

I was at QFC to have a prescription filled for my kiddo. I used a $20 prescription coupon to get grocery credit. While the 3 girls and I waited for the prescription we checked out the deals.
QFC Yogurt $.60 B1G1 sale = $.30 each (also printed a coupon for buy 7, get 3 free for next time)
Hummus - Clearance to $1.29

KFC Masterpiece BBQ sauce - Clearance to $.79, MC ($1.00) = FREE + $.21 overage

My Costco trip was $82.49 and included whole milk, nonfat milk, popcorn, romaine lettuce, canned applesauce, canned pears, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, brown gravy mix, chili powder, bananas, tortillas, chicken nuggets, and a jar of marinated artichoke hearts.

I needed some of the parmesan and all the artichoke hearts for the meal swap this month. The reaminder are things I consistently try to get at Costco because they are usually less expensive than the grocery store sale prices. I was disappointed I couldn't find the tub of whole garlic or the brick feta. I have gotten spoiled not having to peel fresh garlic and feta lasts much longer when it's in brick form, uncrumbled. Like I said, I'm disappointed.

I'll probably drop in to Fred Meyer today, too. They have bone-in chicken breast for $.99/lb. I prefer to buy boneless, skinless, but at $.99/lb the rib-in is actually a great price. It requires a small amount of work to skin & pull the bones, but you can't beat $.99/lb. I'm out of chicken so I'll likely stock up at get at least 10 pounds.


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