Monday, June 14, 2010

Full Fridge & Monday Menu Plan

This is what my fridge & freezer looked like last night after Joanna's birthday party. I over-prepared food, our kind guests brought several things, DH picked up some day-old bread & bagels, and Mom came to visit bringing a few grocery items. You can't see the top shelf because of the light, but there are 5 cartons of eggs, a dozen raw burgers, some sliced baguette rounds, and several cups of chicken stock. I couldn't just toss the bread and meat in the freezer because, as you can see, there is no room in the freezer.
I also have my meal swap a week from today, so I have to make major freezer room for my meals by this weekend when I'll prepare them.
Time to update the menu plan!
Monday - French Toast/grapes (uses bread & eggs)
Tuesday - Bananas/oatmeal
Wednesday - Pancakes/bacon (uses bacon from freezer)
Thursday - Bananas/oatmeal
Friday - Egg casserole (uses bread, eggs, turkey sausage)
Saturday - bananas/cereal
Sunday - bananas/cereal
Monday - Nachos (uses leftover chips) & cucumber chicken salad (leftover veggies)
Tuesday - Grilled cheese (bread) & more cc salad
Wednesday - Hot dogs (leftover buns)
Thursday - PBJ packed lunch
Friday - Quesadillas
Saturday - at a birthday party
Sunday - Beefy Enchilada Casserole (from freezer)
Monday - Baked Potato Soup (uses old potatoes, milk & bacon from freezer)
Tuesday - Pulled Pork (uses leftover burger buns & big hunk of meat from freezer)
Wednesday - Lasagna (from freezer)
Thursday - Meatloaf (from freezer)
Friday - Dinner Out
Saturday - Dinner at a friend's house
Sunday - Sausage gravy over egg noodles (Father's Day)
I don't need to purchase any ingredients for these meals, but I'll need to pick up a few staples this week including milk & fresh fruit.

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