Monday, June 7, 2010

Fred Meyer Shopping

We were out of town for a weekend wedding, but I didn't want to miss the Fred Meyer sale on chicken breast that ended while we were gone. So I took all 3 girls shopping the day we left when I should have been home packing. Worse, I ended up spending $31 instead of the $13 or so I would have spent if I'd only purchased chicken. Somehow I feel like if I make the effort to shop with all 3 kids I should make it a 'worthwhile' shopping trip whereas when I'm all alone I can zip from store to store buying a few things and it's totally fine for me. Hm.

Here's what I bought for $31.47:

2 packages of Foster Farms chicken breasts - $.99/lb = $13.13 (If I have the budget I try to buy the biggest package so I get the sale price on more meat)
Red Baron Pizzas - $4.85, on sale 30% off is $3.39, MC ($1.50) = $1.89 each
Red Baron Slices - $3.99, on sale 30% off is $2.79, MC ($1.00) = $1.79
Lunchmeat 1 lb. - on sale for $3.50, SC ($.50), MC ($.55) = $2.45
2# cheese - $4.49 regular price (we were out)
3 gallons of organic milk - markdown to $1.00 each!
Hot Dog buns - $.50 regular price (kids asked for hot dogs for lunch)
Can of peanuts - $1.00 markdown (snacks for airplane)
2 oranges - $1.34
The big find was the organic milk for $1.00, of course. The dates on these milk were "sell by 6/7" and "use by 6/11." I put one in the fridge that we are already using and I put two in the freezer for later use. I don't like how the milk unfreezes for regular drinking, but it works great for cooking. I'll have to incorporate lots of milk in my menu plan the next few weeks - a treat since I often avoid recipes that use a lot of milk. Organic is so expensive.
I'm making a three week menu plan this time - I hope I can post that later today.

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