Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thankful for the Little Things

I was inspired by a friend's Facebook post this week. She had been feeling discouraged by all the rain and was just down. The high school girls she spends time with at our church prayed with her to start feeling better soon and for sun. Shortly after this prayer she left the church building and rejoiced to find blue skies and a beautiful sunset waiting for her.

I just loved that my friend was praising God for providing this small encouragement to her and that she shared it with the rest of us on Facebook. It made me think of some of the small and wonderful ways God has blessed me just in the last week or so. Sometimes I wait and wait for the huge blessings and forget that He is providing every day so I thought I'd share it here.
  • My mom and aunt watched all three girls for several hours so I could get out of the house, alone. I desperately need time alone and DH has been working so many hours on the census I was long overdue.
  • DH is willing to work as much as possible for the census. He is a huge blessing.
  • Two aunts gave me a few food items.
  • Our church gave us some bread & bagels.
  • The doctor found Joanna's ear infection while we were in for a well-child checkup saving us another trip to her office.
  • I was able to get a $20 grocery credit for a prescription
  • I thought we were late for an appointment but found out when we got there we were actually early!
  • I made it to the kids' playgroup and was so very blessed by the conversation with friends I hadn't seen in too long.
  • I was given a copy of the Bible study materials for next fall instead of having to purchase them.
  • A friend let me tag a long to Costco.
  • An aunt made the girls new coats.
  • Another aunt sent the girls an unexpected and beautiful gift of Lenox picture frames.
  • Several people remembered Joanna's birthday.
  • The sun is coming in just enough spurts and time for drying on the clothesline.
  • The garden continues to flourish & I have wonderful, helpful friends to advise me.
  • We ended up getting food vouchers on our trip that allowed us to treat ourselves to meals at the airport.
There are lots more, of course, but these are the ones that come to mind today. God will continue to be faithful & I pray I recognize His gifts and give credit where it's due!


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