Sunday, July 4, 2010

Safeway Shopping - $24.91

I didn't need much this week, just milk & produce, so I went to Safeway for their great coupon deals. I ended up finding some great clearance items. I will still need to pick up some additional fruit & fresh veggies for the week. Here's what I bought for $24.91:

Gallon whole milk - $2.39
Gallon fat free milk - clearance $1.19
6 bottle Wishbone dressing - $.99 each in-ad coupon
2# Tillamook white cheddar - $3.99 in-ad coupon
2# Tillamook pepper jack - $3.99 in-ad coupon
Jack Daniels BBQ sauce - sale price $.99 ($.75/1) = $.24
1# bacon - clearance $.99
3# Polish sausage - clearance $1.99
3# German sausage - clearance $1.99
Mentos gum - clearance $.75 ($.55/1) = $.20 each
Bananas - $.59/lb

The Wishbone dressing was limit 3 so I made 2 separate transactions. Each transaction had to be at least $10 so I planned accordingly. I was disappointed that the cashier would only take 1 of my printed Jack Daniels coupons. She said it was store policy and was really nice about it so I didn't insist and just asked her to remove the 2nd bottle I'd planned to purchase. If I'd known about that rule ahead of time I'd have included one bottle in each transaction! Oh well.


P.S. Menu Plan:
Sunday - BBQ,
Monday - Russian Chicken,
Tuesday - Pork Chops,
Wednesday Beef Stir Fry,
Thursday - Date night? Or Corn Chowder,
Friday - Dinner Out,
Saturday - Frozen Pizza,
Sunday - Beefy Enchilada Casserole.

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