Thursday, July 8, 2010

Electric Bill - No freezer & almost no dryer

Our energy bill this month didn't seem significantly lower than last month so I was initially discouraged thinking that all my efforts to line-dry our clothes and keep our freezer unplugged as long as possible were for naught.

Then I looked at some fine print and felt much better!

In the same 30 day period in 2009 we reduced both our electric and gas usage.

Our electric usage went down 30.57%. That's almost a third! It isn't because we're using the lights less because the days were the same length last year, right? I think most of this can be attributed to having our outside freezer unplugged and barely using our clothes dryer. Yay for evidence that our efforts produced something!

Additionally our gas usage went down 8.63%. I'm sure this decrease isn't attributable to our gas furnace since I'm sure it wasn't in use last May/June (just like this year). However, I have been washing about half of the laundry with cold water instead of warm so perhaps that has helped. I am sure we are doing significantly more laundry today than one year ago since we added DD #3 so the 8.63% decrease may not be comparing like to like. Now if I could just get DH to agree to a low-flow shower head we might really get somewhere.

Overall I was pleased to use our energy use decline so significantly.


Gas 5/19/10 to 5/31/10 was 7.78 Therms
Gas 6/1/10 to 6/17/10 was 10.17 Therms

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