Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Update - pictures

I hope you all aren't tired of the garden updates. I just get so excited to see food growing in my yard!

This is one of the tomato plants DH brought home from work. Its existing fruit is maturing though there aren't any new buds, so I'm not sure it'll continue to produce.

This is one of our original tomato plants. Those yellow flowers are finally turning into little tomatos! I am so excited to harvest these babies and put up all sorts of food for the winter! I am planning pizza sauce, salsa, and diced tomatoes so far. Yay for a canner and lots of jars!

Here is one of the zucchini plants. There are three plants altogether, and two of them are pretty close to eachother so I'm not sure if those will be too crowded. This is the third that is by itself. All three have several squash getting started.

This is the broccoli. Last year it barely grew so I was excited that it's been getting so big this year. However, there are no flowers and I'm not sure what exactly to look for as it's the first time I've seen it growing. Does anyone know what I should look for?

This is the mountain of romaine lettuce. I am going to have to thin this out before the heads get much bigger, and am looking forward to yummy Caesar salad. I love romaine! In the lower right corner of the picture you can see new Romaine sprouts. I am hoping to enjoy this lettuce well into the fall!

Those new peas are growing like mad. This photo is only 15 days after the seeds were planted. I can already see the curly tendtrils reaching out on a few of the biggest plants, so I'll need to get stakes in this week.

Here are our original peas. They are flourishing.

I was late picking some of the peas for two reasons. 1. We were out of town this weekend and 2. Some of the peas are growing very low to the ground because the vines never climbed and I just didn't see them. I had trouble getting a shot in focus, but you can see these pods are split.

This is everything I picked yesterday. Crazy amounts of mixed greens & spinach, peas, and a few strawberries. We're saving the strawberries for strawberry pancakes on Friday. I didn't even touch the romaine lettuce, so it's a lettuce overload!



  1. Oh. I can sense a quick swish with the ingredients and you will get a tasty and healthy salad with those! LOL. Your harvest is really tempting. I think I wanna go to my garden now and see what I can get for dinner!

  2. Those tomatoes look really tasty! I agree with Rose, a little work in the kitchen and some white sour sauce, you have a fresh salad for dinner!


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