Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden Update - It's not too late!

Just a quick garden update.

I want to encourage you to go ahead and plant something if you have been thinking about it. It's not too late!

This is romaine lettuce after only 5 1/2 days of growth. It should grow well and be ready to pick by the second week of August & I'll be able to keep picking it for 6-8 weeks!

These are Sugar Snap Peas also after only 5 1/2 days of growth. They have sprouted nicely despite the not-too-fine soil, and they also will be ready to pick by mid-August and harvest for about a month.

Here's a pretty zucchini blossom I just had to photograph. Can't wait for zucchini bread!

Finally! The bush beans have blossoms, but no visible veggies yet. I'm hoping to can green beans, so I would love for these to be fruitful plants.

More on the garden next week!

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