Saturday, July 3, 2010

Free Stickers from Address Labels

My DDs have a weekly sticker chart of their chores & expectations. While this is an effective tool to keep them (and me) on task I have to come up with small stickers. I tried drawing smiley faces and stars but those stickers are much more motivating!

Last week I was delighted to receive mail from a charity soliciting donations. Yes, you read that correctly. Often charities include address labels in these mailings as a 'free gift' in anticipation of a donation. For years I enjoyed the free address labels, but only recently discovered I could enjoy both address labels and stickers for the girls. I simply cut the printed address from the decorative part of the label and voila!

The address labels are plain white with black printing. They are on glossy adhesive paper so are easy to peel off and look sharp. I didn't want to print a picture of my address. Here are the fresh stickers:

Here is bowl-o-stickers filled with these free, square gems. I originally purchased this container full of stickers for $.30 at a thrift store and learned this great, new resourceful trick.

We also have one of the Grandmas snipping her address labels for us so the free, perfectly sized stickers keep coming. Yahoo!



  1. Those stickers look deceptively larger than they actually are. =^)

    - Ed

  2. Yeah Ed, but those of us who clip know the truth.


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