Thursday, July 29, 2010

Resourceful Gifting - New Series!

I love to give gifts. I enjoy planning to give, I love the shopping, the gift wrapping, and just blessing someone else because I have been blessed. I also love to save money and have learned over the years that there are lots of lovely ways to give without spending an arm and a leg. I thought a series on Resourceful Gifting might be appropriate as I am starting to think about Christmas and it has already been a summer of weddings and babies.

At this writing I am hoping to address several Resourceful Gifting issues and ideas including:

Planning Ahead
Gift Registries
Gift Stockpile
Homemade Gifts
Gift Wrap
Gift Baskets - baby
Gift Baskets - wedding
Gift Bags/Baskets - kid birthdays

I am planning to post on Fridays for this series, and I'm hoping that publishing that intent that will motivate me to stay on track!


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