Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diaper Cake

So I tried out a diaper cake for the shower I hosted last weekend. I think it turned out well.

First I wrapped up about 60 little diapers in individual rubber bands. Then I built the first tier of 8 diapers around a baby bottle with a big produce rubber band. The second tier of 22 diapers got packed into a big rubber band as well and the third tier was identical to the second tier with an additional row of diapers packed into the biggest rubber band of all. The third tier had at least 30 diapers.

Next I wrapped each tier with one band of wide ribbon using double stick tape. This covered up the rubber bands and also helped establish a decorating theme. Then I tied several little gifts in a coordinating ribbon and banded them (from behind) to the various layers of the diaper cake.

Finally I used the bottle in the top tier as a vase and put a small bouquet in it.
This cake only cost me the fresh flowers. I don't think my friend would mind that this is the case so I'll go ahead and share that information. I had all the other "ingredients" on hand. The diapers had been purchased from Champion Foods in Issaquah some time back as stockpile for our new baby. I was happy to use them for my friend as we mostly cloth diaper anyway. The rubber bands and double stick tape were in the office. The ribbon was in a drawer full of ribbon scraps. All the little goodies were from my gift box. I had one gift in particular - a little GAP bathing suit - that I had been saving for a special baby and I was so happy to give it to this one! DH was proud that I didn't spend anything, but for me it was more about being able to give my friend lots of useful things in a pretty and fun way.

I'm not a very "crafty" person, though I would love to learn to be. This was a fun project because it wasn't too hard and I got to be a little creative.


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  1. This diaper cake ROCKED! Katie! You're so thoughtful and resourceful! The swimsuit was adorable, and hopefully it will warm up so we can sort of use it....sort of, like she doesn't know how to swim. LOL! love you friend! Thanks for rockin' a great shower!


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