Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Menu Plan - Getting Creative

We did very little grocery shopping this week as I was out of town. DH picked up some bananas, grapes, salsa, and coffee creamer while we were out of town, but otherwise no shopping.

There are a few good sales this week with loss leaders, but I want to conserve the money left in the budget until I know what I'm making this weekend for the meal swap (next Monday) and plan our meals for camping (the first week of August).

All that to say I'm delving in the freezer and pantry for my meals this week and I am all out of freezer meals! I have to get creative & make meals from what I have.

Monday - Taco Salad
Tuesday - Baked Ziti (no mozzarella, so I'll try white cheddar) & green salad (garden)
Wednesday - Sausages (from freezer) and pasta salad
Thursday - Hamburgers & green salad (garden)
Friday - Rigatoni with red sauce & green salad (garden)
Saturday - a friend's birthday party
Sunday - dinner out at Applebee's

Monday - Grilled cheese & fruit
Tuesday - mac & cheese with sugar snap peas (garden)
Wednesday - quesadillas & fruit
Thursday - pb & j/yogurt packed lunch
Friday - strawberry pancakes (strawberries from garden)
Saturday - Burritos (beans from pantry) & green salad (garden)
Sunday - soup & sandwiches

Short shopping list: Sour cream & onions


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