Monday, July 12, 2010

Grocery Outlet Trip - $15.09

I was in Portland all weekend for a getaway without my kids and I was able to do a little shopping including a trip to Grocery Outlet. Here's what I purchased using a $5/$25 coupon which works out to 20% off. I listed the prices after the 20% discount. I also got a few non-food items that aren't pictured & those got my total up just over $25 so I could use the coupon. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many things I had on my "should buy soon" list here.

Crisco Spray $1.59 (almost out)
Mayo $.79 (right at pull date so I'll use it right away)
Ocean Spray juice $.79 each (for camping)
Generic Ritz crackers $.79 (for camping)
Applesauce $.79 each (for camping)
Sparkling Grape Juice $1.20 each
Can of coffee $3.20 (almost out)
Del Monte fruit cups $.79 each (for camping)
Imitation vanilla $.79 (almost out)

Menu Plan:
Monday lunch - nachos & applesauce
Monday dinner - french toast & bacon
Tuesday lunch - mac & cheese with grapes
Tuesday dinner - pork chops, cheesy broccoli rice (this one keeps getting put off), salad
Wednesday lunch - grilled cheese & applesauce
Wednesday dinner - hamburgers, salad
Thursday, Fri, Sat - out of town with girls - leaving food for DH
Sunday lunch - chicken nuggets
Sunday dinner - chicken or pork with rice pilaf, salad


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