Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Week 35 Groceries

Lots of shopping this week.  First up was Albertsons on Wednesday and trip to the business Costco in Lynnwood. 

I found organic tortellini for just $0.99 per package! But I got suckered into a packaged of $5.49 meatballs!  I just couldn't say not to the sweet meatball sample lady after she gave me and 3 girls all samples of 4 different kinds of meatballs.  *sigh*   I spent $19.26.  And the business Costco had a couple things, too.  I spent $4.38.

I wandered into QFC with a friend after we had coffee and ended up spending $13.81.  The pop was on clearance for only $0.49 and it's DH's favorite.

Finally,  had a trip to Fred Meyer on Saturday.  The big news is that Nabisco makes a GF cracker my kid actually likes!  Hooray!  I spent $37.16.

I forgot to include my produce bulk buy last week.  I bought this 25# box of organic apples for $19.00.

I also bought about 35# of peaches for $23.50 last week.

Milk Delivery was $12.87 and no eggs from my friend.

Week 35 Groceries were: $129.98
Groceries 2014 Year-to-date: $2,877.58
Weekly Average: $82.22


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