Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GF Menu Plan

This week is another home week - Hurrah!

I usually post on Mondays, but I got home from a weekend away about 11AM and fed the kids leftovers for lunch and dinner.  I got unpacked and ready for the week, and today I'm posting the meal plan.

Here is a photo of my GF girlie eating pulled pork on a lettuce leaf.  I told her how the fancy Chinese restaurant (P.F. Changs) at Bellevue Square serves lettuce wraps and they're super yummy and popular.  She was convinced to give it a try and had three 'wraps'!  Yes!

This weeks plan for dinners:

Tuesday - Chili, cornbread, zucchini crisps
Wednesday - Dinner out
Thursday - Burritos (with leftover chili, blended when cold for bean insides) & salad
Friday - macaroni & cheese pie & green beans
Saturday - Pancakes, sausage, fruit
Sunday - Popcorn & smoothies

plan for lunches:
Tuesday -Waffles
Wednesday - nachos with gr.beef
Thursday - Finger food lunch
Friday - Italian sausage & veggie soup
Saturday - quesadilla - Rice tortilla for GF kiddo
Sunday -taco salad


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