Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Week 32 Groceries - $78.68

This week we were gone most of the week camping so shopping was pretty slim until we got home.

Early in the week my aunt picked up  butter and cooking spray for me when she went to the grocery store  The cooking spray was about $2.00 but the butter was $3.69!  Ouch!

Another day my brother bought me some syrup and refused to let me give him a couple bucks.

My dad picked us up a half gallon of milk for $4.00.

Our last camping day I was at Safeway and spotted some clearance yogurt.  It was $3.24 for a 12-pack of vanilla Activia, my kids' favorite.

And on the way home we stopped at Costco for a cheap dinner and I picked up a watermelon for $5.49.

When we got home I went to the store first thing for breakfast.  I spent $15.99 on organic milk, 3 big boxes of corn chex, and 13 yogurt cups.

This photo has a lot in it!  I found major clearance produce at my Fred Meyer yesterday and bought over 20# of apples for $12.  I already had apples in my fridge from last week so this will just make our applesauce batch bigger.  I also got lemons at 3/$1 and bell peppers 2/$1. I found beef for $2.69/lb, too.  I bought some GF cornbread mix for a big potluck meal, also some sweet peppers and a red onion at the farmer's market for chili at that big potluck meal.  Altogether this photo represents $44.27. 

I didn't have milk delivery because we were out of town and I haven't seen my friend for the same reason.

Week 32 Total: $78.68
Year to date total: $2,568.27
Weekly average: $80.26


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