Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thrift Shop and Garage Sale Finds

Two weeks ago we were camping with family and dear friends.  One of the highlights of this trip every year is going shopping with the wives and daughters of this group since we all love a bargain and are all happy to go to thrift stores and garage sales.

One day we all went out thrift store shopping and another day we just spent 2 hours going to a few yard sales.  I found lots of great stuff, naturally, and wanted to show you my haul.  The photo shows only some of the stuff because I bought for other people, and a bunch of clothes were in the laundry when I thought to take the picture. 

Garage sale #1
  • A cribbage board with pegs for $0.50 for my dad and uncle who had been keeping score on a pad at the campground. 
  • Fun Thankgiving candles for $1.00.  I really love Thanksgiving and I have a hard time finding decorations.  
  • Two kitchen utensils to leave in the camping gear for $0.25 each 
  • 3 ice packs adding up to $1.00  
  • This sale also had a bunch of free old road maps so I picked up a few from far away states for my cousin who is wallpapering inside her camper's kid bunks with maps.  

Garage sale #2 - This was my favorite - $4.00 for everything!
  • 4 Corelle cereal bowls in plain white (matching my set)
  • 2 Corelle serving dishes in plain white (matching my set)
  • Heritage blue pint canning jar
  • Roll of Aida cloth for crossstich
  • 3 folded pieces of Aida cloth (one a large weave perfect for DD#1 who is learning)
  • 3  kitchen utensils  
Garage sale #3
  • blue hoodie for myself $1.00
  • pjs for DD#4 I put up for a Christmas Eve gift $0.50
  • jeans for DD#1 - $0.50
Thrift Store #1
  • Shoes for myself - $4.00
  • Socks for myself - $0.50 each pair
  • Sparkle shoelaces for stocking stuffers - $0.25 each
  • Cupcake liners -  $0.25
  • Hair product I like - $0.50
  • Jam jar - $0.35
  • Napkins - $0.50 (love to treat the girls with fun napkins sometimes)
  • Thanksgiving confetti - $0.35
  • Another kitchen utensil for camping
 Thrift Store #2
  • jeans for DD#2 for $1.00
  • 3 things for my nephew including a Janie & Jack sweater vest for $0.50
  • belts for DD#2 for $0.25 each
  • brand new pjs for DD#1 - So cute!  Also put away for Christmas Eve gift.
  • long sleeved tee for my niece - $0.50
  • Capezio leotard for DD#2 who is starting dance class this fall - $1.00
  • Black pants for DD#3 - $0.50
Yay for lots of good finds!


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