Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 Week 31 Grocceries - $92.76

I didn't get my Sunday grocery post up last week because we left for a camping trip on Saturday.  Here's for Week 30:

A trip to QFC yielded clearance yogurt, oranges, and GF pizza dough.  My GF kid liked it but another kid and myself thought it was gross.  Oh well.  Doritos and bananas made a total spent of $12.20.

I dropped into Fred Meyer because I had $6 vouchers to use or lose.  I found GF cereal, cucumbers that were on sale, and graham crackers for s'mores while camping.  I spent $1.00 after the vouchers.

This was a Costco trip totally $48.91.  Chips, Doritos, lettuce, carrots, sugar, fruit leather, bananas & cheese were purchased.

The day we left for camping I went to Fred Meyer for a couple last minute things we needed and ending up scoring with clearance apples that worked out to just $0.50/lb.  I also found clearance coffee, GF granola bars, fruit roll-ups, and bread.  In total I spent $27.78 and the apples got popped into the fridge to wait until I could make applesauce.
This week I also deposited a grocery rebate for $10.00 from Kellogg's from Week 14 groceries.  I also spent $12.87 on our milk delivery. 

Total Grocery Spending for Week 31: $92.76
Year to date Spending for 2014 is: $2,489.59
Weekly Average: $80.31


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