Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Week 34 Groceries - $109.19

I had a big Costco trip this week.  I spent $75.27 on feta, butter, chips, almonds, grapes, veggie straws (not pictured), and string cheese.  My kiddo took this photo and left the vitamins in, but I don't count those in the grocery total.

I dropped in to Albertsons because I needed hamburger buns and picked some eggs for $0.90 and because the kids were hungry I bought some ice cream bars.  I spent $6.38.

Finally, I had a quick trip to Fred Meyer before I left town for the weekend.  I didn't want DH to run out of sour cream or fruit while I was gone.  I bought the stuff in the photo for $14.67.
 Milk delivery - 12.87

Week 34 Total - $109.19
Year to date 2014: $2,747.60
Weekly Average $80.81


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