Monday, August 18, 2014

GF Menu Plan

We're finally home for a long stay.  I have a ton of food processing to do this week: 40ish pounds of apples, 90 pounds peaches, tomatoes & green beans from my garden - It's overwhelming to even think about.  Meal planning is a real necessity this week so my family can have real food and I don't lose my mind.  =) 

Monday - Tortellini (GF pizza for DD#2 as I need to use up a crust)
Tuesday - Sausage Vegetable Soup
Wednesday - Beef & Broccoli
Thursday - Pork Ribs 
Friday - Potluck (chips & fruit)
Saturday - Beef Stew
Sunday - Pizza Pasta

Monday - Ham & Eggs
Tuesday - PBJ (leftover GF pizza for DD#2)
Wednesday - Finger Food Lunch (nuts, cheese, lunchmeat?, olives)
Thursday - Nachos
Friday - Big Sausages
Saturday - Daddy Lunch
Sunday - Daddy Lunch

I have been pretty overwhelmed with life lately.  It's an expected busy food time, but it's also getting ready for our home school year with the additional of Classical Conversations, pressure to work on outdoor chores while our weather is amazing, significant financial stress due to car issues, and the need to just get junk out of my house and garage.  Added to that my sweet father-in-law is terminally ill which is emotional stress on its own, but DH has also been traveling to visit him frequently so I miss having daddy and husband support on the home front.  Oh, and DH is under contract to write a book this summer/fall so he's been working away at that in his 'spare' time.  To his credit, DH is still trying to help with his usual chores and is doing a great job.  I'm just missing him for the big chores and his general presence with the family. 

My failure in all this is trying to figure out to handle it all myself.  Planning, strategizing, shuffling bills, etc.  I tell myself, "If I can just be really disciplined . . ."  but I fail all the time.  I need to remember that I am truly NOT able to do all these things alone,  That I am created to need Jesus, That He will work out all these things according to His good purposes and I don't have to bear all of this on my own.  It is one of my regular struggles to remember His authority in all areas.  I am willing to hand it over, but I just get into a rut of doing life under my own power/in my own strength and I forget the One who holds all things in His hands. 

Off to start the day . . .


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