Friday, September 5, 2014

Thrift Store Finds from last weekend

DH was out of town last weekend but I still dragged (drug?) my kids last weekend to a couple of thrift stores. 

My favorite is Children's Hospital Thrift Store in Bellevue.  I found lots of great stuff:

$3.50 - Hoop skirt for kids' dress up box
$6.00 - nice, long tee for me
$2.00 - long sleeved rash guard for DD#1
$2.00 - yellow Land's End cardigan for DD#1
$1.75 - white Justice long sleeve tee for DD#2
$1.75 - Ravensburger 300 piece puzzle
$2.00 - new board book for a niece's Christmas gift ($5.00 limit)
$3.85 - each pair of silver shoes in different sizes for whichever kid is coming up
$3.75 - blue 'flower' dress for DD#2
$1.50 - yellow jeans
$3.00 - Justice blue jeans

 I found these items at Jubilee Heart & Home in Bellevue:
$1.79 - Large metal bowl
$1.79 - Keen sandals
$2.39 - Dress shoes
$2.39 - Boots

I wish I could have shopped longer at Jubilee as they were having a 50% off sale on Sunday, but my kids were just spent and I didn't have the patience to make them toe the line. 


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