Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 37 - $64.22

We have been travelling and unfortunately posting our groceries didn't make the cut on the to-do list as I rushed around finishing many tasks.  Sorry about that - it's catch up time.

Did I mention I dropped a full cup of coffee on my laptop keyboard?  That was 2 weeks ago and while the data was salvaged I had to have a new hard drive installed.  I also have to get a new keyboard installed and am not currently using that computer - *sniff*  I have been using 2 other computers since then and one of them isn't here today so I am missing a photo.

I went to QFC on Monday because I saw they were having a General Mills cereal sale and I was hoping some Chex would be included.  No luck, but I picked up 5 boxes of Cheerios for just $1.50 and 4 boxes of Barbara's Puffin cereals (GF) for $2.00 each. I also got clearance organic bananas, clearance sour cream and Cheetos.  Total at QFC that visit $21.22. 

I went to QFC again on Wednesday, but this time it was for Nabisco Crackers.  I saw they had a GF option (finally!) and they were on sale.  It was a buy 5/save $5 sale so I bought 4 regular boxes and the rice option for my GF kiddo to try for $1.49 each.   I also found clearance GF pizza dough for $2.49 so I bought 2, and some dye-free candies for $2.29 each.  I plan to give these to DD#2's Classical Conversations tutor.  She likes to give out candy as a prize, but I'm hoping she'll use these.  DD#2 just does better without dyes.  Total for this visit: $17.01  See photo below.

I went to QFC later that night because I had a few minutes and it was a different location.  The photo combines both Wednesday trips.  I like to visit different Kroger stores for their clearance markdowns.  No luck this trip, but I bought more of the Rice Thins Nabisco crackers since my GF kiddo gave them the thumbs up.  I also picked up a dozen eggs to hard-boil for our trip.  Eggs are a cheap and healthy snack, but I have to buy at the store for hard-boiling.  The eggs from my friend are too fresh and don't peel well.  #firstworldproblems, right?  I spent just $9.12 on this visit to QFC.

Finally, I dashed off to Fred Meyer on Thursday to pick up the $2.00 Coffeemate that was on sale.  We were nearly out and I just wanted some in reserve for when we got home from our trip.  I really dislike coming home tired with a ton of laundry and unpacking to do . . . and then I have to run to the store because we're out of milk or creamer or something else essential.  I spent $4.00.

Our milk was $12.87 (I saved a half gallon for our return)
No eggs since I was leaving town.

Week 37 Total: $64.22
Total 2014 year -to-date: $3,094.58
Weekly Average: $83.64

Love, Katie

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