Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Week 36 Groceries - $152.78

I am spending significantly more in my weekly shopping than I did last year.  I recognize that it's because we are buying more organic and gluten-free items, but it's still hard to have to record spending over $100 so often.

We went to Costco early in the week.  DH was out of town so I had all the girls in tow.  Seriously, Costco with 4 kids is rough, but it's worse when the kids have been stomping your last nerve for days while your husband's out of town.  The good news is we survived.  The bad news is the organic tortilla chips were nowhere to be found and the gluten-free flour was only available in organic so it cost an extra $4.00.   Total spent at Costco: $86.09

Midweek I popped into Fred Meyer to order a decorated birthday cake and picked up a couple things while there.  No photo, but it was a gallon of vegetable oil, milk, and clearance GF pizza crust & frosting.  I spent $16.03

I ran to Fred Meyer yesterday to pick up a birthday cake and a few snacks for the party, and grabbed all this while I was there.  I REALLY scored on the apples.  Each $1.00 bag had 5 or 6 apples in it.  Most of the apples were Honeycrisp and Gala.  Maybe 10% were Granny Smith, Delicious varieties, and even a couple Pink Ladies.  Yes!  Not pictured: 2 little bags of goldfish and a bag of baby carrots that we ate at the party.  I spent $ 31.79.

My laptop still has a broken keyboard from a coffee spill last week so I don't have access to my many and varied delightful spreadsheets.  So I don't know my weekly average. 

I can tell you this week's total including milk delivery and 3 dozen eggs is: $152.78


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