Saturday, May 31, 2014

Garden Update

I'm still working away at the garden and planting a little bit more as I clear more space.  Here are current pictures:

From the side, almost all the tomatoes have cages

From the end, down the length of the fence.

My beautiful bell pepper!  It totally paid off to buy a plant that already had a blossom on it.

The first tomato is growing - on the smallest plant of all!

Corn is springing up.

A little broccoli has sprouted

Broccoli plants

New spinach
I also just planted green beans from a packet I found of last year's seeds.  Hopefully they'll still sprout.  I also just transplanted a mini bell pepper plant, but it sat for about 3 weeks before I found a spot for it.  We'll see if it adjusts to its new home.


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