Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 Week 21 Groceries

We had a few trips to Albertsons this week because it was the end of the Monopoly game and we had a bunch of game pieces to turn in.  I spent $14.46 on this GF pasta, sugar, and the 3 bags of chips not pictured.

This was another trip where I spent $11.34.  The cheese & deli meat were on clearance.

Albertson's again and I found all this meat on clearance.  I really wrestled with buying it because of lack of freezer space, but seriously!  Under $2/lb for lunch meat and ground sausage!  I spent $26.80 and now that I look at my receipt I was totally overcharged for one of the lunchmeats!  Bah!  Seriously, when I shop with the kids I'm terrible about watching items ring up and reviewing my receipt.

This was another quick trip, but this time to Fred Meyer.  I spent $15.90 on all this.

Milk delivery was $12.87 and I didn't get eggs today.

Total Groceries Week 21: $81.37
Total Groceries Year-to-date: $1,381.30
Weekly Average: $65.78


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