Friday, May 23, 2014

Freezer Defrosted! - 2 Days Ahead of Schedule

Back on April 24th my freezer was getting pretty frosty.  I knew I'd have to empty it, but it seemed like a pretty huge task.

A couple of weeks later I had moved a few things to the small freezer attached to refrigerator, but the frost was only getting worse out in the garage freezer.  It was so bad I couldn't even get something out because they were covered in ice!

Yesterday I was home the whole day and decided to go ahead and start the defrosting so I could monitor the melting water all day.  I unplugged about 10AM and this is how the freezer looked by 1PM.  All of those items still on the shelves are frozen solid under ice.

The girls were big helpers and loved trying to loosen ice bits.

By 5PM only the most frozen bits were still stuck to the shelf.

Today it's empty of food, but needs a scrub!

And my inside refrigerator is packed!  Even the ice maker . . . 

Hooray for an unplugged old dinosaur of a freezer!  I love the lower electric bills all summer long with the no heat, no freezer, and very little use of dryer!  I am thankful to live in a place that doesn't require running an air conditioner all summer!


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