Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 18

I wasn't planning much shopping this week, but had several trips after all.

I went to Fred Meyer Monday to buy tomato plants.  The kids were starving so I picked up grilled chicken breast that I found on clearance.  I was also starving so I bought  cheese curds - mistake - I was so excited to find curds from my hometown, but the fresh, warm curds of my childhood were not found in this container.  Boo.  I spent$14.52

Another stop for more plants and I picked up milk & onions for $2.90.

This was a Cash & Carry drive by after a skating ring birthday party.  The 25# of tomatoes for $14.98 was irresistible.  Add the bananas for a total of $16.19.

I found these apples in the clearance section.  Over 11 pounds for  $4.00 total.

I stopped to pick up my kids' pull-ups and got sucked in to buying this stuff.  I spent $8.73.

Milk was $12.87
No Eggs this week.

Total spending Week 18: $59.21
Total spending 2014 to date: $1,140.83
Weekly average 2014: $63.38


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