Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Freezer Progress

I've been 2 weeks working on emptying the garage freezer.  So far, so good!

Remember we got home from Easter weekend travel and found this:
I pulled out those jugs of water first.  I use them to help the freezer not have to work so hard.  Next I pulled stuff off the top shelf since it was the iciest.  I moved those blueberries from the bottom shelf into the house and dug out what was left of the ground beef and took that inside, too.

This is what the garage freezer looks like today:

I hope there are no surprises on that top shelf, but we'll see in two more weeks when I unplug this energy sucker.  The second shelf has a package of Costco muffins and some pound cake.  The third shelf has several gallon bags of broccoli & broccoli stalks.  The next shelf has a half ham, several loaves of store-bought bread, and some frozen dinners.  Finally, the bottom shelf now has some frozen pot-pies and several ice packs.

The ham is the biggest space issue, but I get to use it this week for a potluck.  Whoo!  I also have french toast on the menu to use some of the bread and I'm going to try a recipe for broccoli/cheese soup this week.  My first effort was pretty bad . . . more on that later in the week.

Here are the blueberries tucked on the top shelf of the inside freezer. There are 6 - gallon sized ziplocs of blueberries tucked in there.

 I've put the ground beef in the bottom drawer of the inside freezer.  I plan to fill the rest of that space with meat as well.


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