Saturday, May 17, 2014

Storing Winter Blankets

I converted my linen closet to a canning pantry two years ago.  I got rid of many towels and sheet sets, but we do need spare blankets to bulk up our own beds in the winter and for making up extra beds for company.

Without a closet where do I store these blankets?  Usually flat, between the mattress & box spring of various beds.  This year the job was very easy as the kids' beds are unbunked and I was able to put ALL the blankets under one mattress.  It now sits several inches higher, but the guard rail around the bed hides the awkwardly raised mattress.

Pile O' Blankets lingering on my dresser

One peed & stripped kid's bed begging for hidden blankets!

Afghan #1!
Afghan #2, wool blanket, regular blanket
Afghan #3 hiding in the crib
Maybe I should have taken Afghan #3 out of the crib before I set the mattress on it.
Afghan #3 made it!  And Afghan #4 fished out of a kid's room..
The mattress is several inches taller now and the big blankets are out of sight for the next 5 months or so.
 Yay for a job done!


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