Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 20 Groceries - $84.42

I did lots of shopping this week.  The first trips were Albertsons and The Dollar Store Monday while one kiddo had an appointment.  I spent $9.50 at The Dollar Store and about $11.10 at Albertsons on chicken breast & beans.

I swung into Fred Meyer for the cheese & butter on sale and picked up a few other things.  I spent $11.72.

Another trip to Fred Meyer for the cheese and butter (which I forgot) and brown sugar for the kids' oatmeal. I found a few other things on clearance - Whoo! six zucchini for $1.00.  I spent $14.16.

A trip to Costco was $17.57.

And finally, a trip to Target where lots of condiments were on clearance and I scored the 18-pack of candy bars for $0.41 average per bar.  I spent $16.37 altogether with clearance prices & manufacturer's coupons.

I cancelled the milk delivery this week and I didn't get eggs.

Week 20 Groceries - $84.42
2014 Groceries to Date - $1,299.93
Weekly Average Groceries - $65.00


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