Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Week 22 Groceries - $141.75!

Wow I shopped a lot this week. 

First was Fred Meyer as I was out  of the GF/DF dressing my kiddo prefers and there was a good cereal sale in combination with some Manufacturer's coupons.  I didn't realize while I was shopping early in the morning on Monday that my coupons had expired.  I was literally at the checkstand saying ,"Phew! These don't expire until tomorrow." And then I realized my mistake and apologized, but the checker said, "Let's try them anyway." and the coupons still worked!  I was very thankful.  With the coupons the cereal was only $1.50/box.  I picked up 3# chubs of ground turkey for $4.79 each and another round of Tofutti sour cream and cream cheese.  I spent $45.06.

Next was QFC because we have been out of GF cereal for weeks and my poor DD#2 has been missing it sorely.  I found some apples & onion on clearance, too.  I spent $8.48.

 I went to Trader Joe's for Rice tortillas and stopped by QFC again since it was next door.  I spent $2.69 at TJs and $4.37 at QFC.

Back to QFC to bless my daughter with strawberries, her favorite.  I also picked up asparagus, my favorite and found a lot of yogurt on clearance.  I spent $17.86.

Fred Meyer again to buy coffee and cream. I spent $28.36.

And a Target visit for whipped cream and cooking spray I needed for a potluck.  I found a bunch of other toppings on clearance that combined well with Manufacturer Coupons.   I paid full price for the cooking spray and whipped cream (bleh!) and $8.79 altogether.

I stopped by Costco on my way home from church to buy chips and lettuce.  I spent $13.27.
Milk delivery was $12.87 and no eggs.

This was a big week!
Total grocery spending for Week 22: $141.75
Total grocery spending to date 2014:  $1,523.05
Weekly 2014 average: $69.23


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