Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Week 23 Groceries - $76.05

A lighter week - finally!

We were out of bananas so I thought I'd use my kiddo's therapy time Monday to visit the grocery store.  I hit the clearance jackpot with Activia Greek yogurt for $0.15/each!  And the 'best by' date was 5 days away.  I also found 3 packages of one pound lunch ham on clearance for $0.99 each!  Pretty crazy and awesome when I only was after bananas.  I spent $10.62.

DH was out of coffee creamer and since I'm such a nice wife I swung into the grocery store when I was out one night and a few more cups of yogurt on clearance.  I spent $5.53.

Then, on Thursday I stopped at Albertsons for the $0.97/lb grapes.  Cream cheese was only $0.50 and some yogurt was also on clearance for $0.50 with a $.50 peelie attached.  This trip was another $7.15.

I had a bigger trip to Fred Meyer to get cereal.  It was $1.67/box after sale and manufacturer coupons.  I also needed cocoa for dairy-free chocolate baking.   This trip was $21.54.

This was a quick trip to the Dollar Store for balloons, but I can't go to there without picking up pepperoni.  I spent $7.00 - One package was eaten by a starving mama and kid before I took the picture.

There's an Albertsons next to church so I stopped again today for more of those grapes at  $4.55.  I also picked up more creamer for the hubs and half & half for myself costing $4.79. 

Milk was $12.87 and no eggs, but DH picked up a carton for me so another $2.00.

Week 23 total: $76.05
2014 Year to date:  $1,599.10
Weekly average: $69.53


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