Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 Week 25 Groceries - $82.75

It was a crazy week with a major construction project and a trip to Canada for the  weekend.  Here's what my kitchen looked like for a few days this week:

I stopped in at QFC Monday evening because we were out of bananas and my kids were asking for them.  I also picked up onion because I was out and grapes that were on sale.  The lemons & limes were on clearance.  I spent $8.40.

I was at at Costco on Tuesday with the girls.  I bought chip, more bananas, a watermelon for the weekend, our favorite veggie straws, yeast because I'm almost out, and the necessary item - gluten free flour.  I spent $31.24.

Wednesday was the day with the gaping hole in the kitchen floor so I tried to keep the kids out all day.  We went to Champion Foods in Issaquah - Oh, how I love to visit their store!  I found some GF cereal for $1.25/box, GF chips for $.33 each, some GF seasoned peanuts for $1.00, GF Organic & loccal granola for $1.00/box, local GF fruit leather for $0.30 each (perfect for roadtrips), and GF aluminum free baking powder for $1.00.  Altogether I spent just $20.50!

Thursday I took the girls out again for the bulk of the day.  One of our stops was an oil change at Wal-Mart where I also picked up a sack of potatoes and some ice cream treats for the girls.  Those items were $5.74.  

It's interesting to note that it actually costs less (and more likely healthier) to get the girls a box of Skinny Cow ice cream bars than it would have for the McDonald's ice cream sundaes we had planned to buy.  I'll remember that in the future! 

Unfortunately, I bought the ice cream without thinking about gluten and I paid for it with DD#2 all afternoon and evening.  There was a little cone on the bottom of the treat and I should have just asked her to eat the ice cream part and throw the cone away.  Live and learn.  It was a good affirmation though that we ARE doing the right thing for her by removing gluten from her diet.  Her emotional responses were so out of control just from those few bites!  It was a good reminder, too, to be thankful for how far we have come and and to be proud of how hard she normally works to keep in control of her emotions.  Love our girl and love that being GF isn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

Our milk was $12.87 and I didn't buy eggs from Sarah.

DH bought more milk while I was in Canada.  It was at Costco 1% conventional so I think about $4.00?

Total Week 25 Groceries - $82.75
Year-to-Date 2014 Groceries -  $1,809.58
Weekly Average - $72.38


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