Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Week 24 Groceries - $127.73

We are eating tortilla chips like crazy now that DD#2 is gluten-free.  The peanut butter & jelly sandwiches I used to give the kids a time or two per week have been replaced by chips & cheese.
Naturally, I made a Costco run for chips & cheese.  I also bought tortillas and these veggies straws that we love.   The veggie straws didn't make the picture.  I spent $28.75

Somehow I missed a photo of another quick trip late Monday night.  DD#2 was out of milk so I picked some up for her along with some salad dressing, tomatoes, and a cucumber.  I spent $6.69.

I took the girls to pick strawberries on Tuesday.  I found an organic u-pick farm not too far from home that had strawberries for $3.50/lb.  These were $34.75.

Next was a trip to Fred Meyer because I was out of pectin!  I'm generally pretty good at keeping staples stocked so I get a little irritated with myself when I'm unexpectedly out of something - like when I  have beautiful fresh strawberries and I can't make jam because I'm out of pectin.  We found clearance cornflakes and gluten free pasta.  I picked up organic sugar for the jam, too.  I spent $22.88 this trip.
This was a  drop in at Albertsons because I needed eggs.  I found a piece of clearance beef and got all these yogurts for free!  They were marked down to $0.50 and had $0.50 peelies on them.  Yay!  I spent just $5.52 on all this.

And today I had a shopping trip to Fred Meyer because I keep missing my friend at church and I'm desperate for eggs!  I spent $16.27.

Milk was $12.87 and there were no eggs.

Total Spending for Week 24: $127.73
Total Spending year-to-date 2014: $1,726.83
Average Weekly Spending to date: $71.95


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