Friday, February 1, 2013

Food Past Expiration - Any Ideas for Peanut Butter?

You might remember this picture of expired food from a couple weeks ago.

  • We ate the Tuna Helper immediately with a single cooked chicken breast I had in the freezer.  It was OK, but the kids complained it still tasted like tuna fish.
  • We also baked cookies right away using some coconut and chocolate chips, but they were coconut and chocolate chips from other packages that had already been opened.
  • The next week we made cookies using coconut and white chocolate chips, but those also used packages that were already opened.  I only dipped into the bag of white chocolate you see in the photo.
  • We made up 8 servings of Jello pudding - 4 each of vanilla and pistachio.  Unfortunately none of the kids liked pistachio and only one of them liked vanilla!  I am thankful for DH and his willingness to eat just about anything. 
  • I still have a lot leftover that you can see in the next picture.
I dug further into the pantry this week, organizing by expiration date and was dismayed to find more stuff that needs to be used ASAP.  Namely, peanut butter.

You should see many of these items put to use in next week's menu plan.

I would love some ideas for using up peanut butter.  About the only thing I can think of is peanut butter cookies.



  1. Peanut butter pancakes. Spread peanut butter on eggos for breakfast. PB & J sandwiches of course. You can microwave it and pour it over ice cream. Ants-on-a-log. Dip apple slices in it. Chicken satay with peanut sauce.
    I'm hungry now.

  2. Yum peanut sauce! It uses tons of peanut butter and can go with just about any thai-style dish, including noodles. Just search a recipe site.

    Here's a snack I ate in college: peanut butter on graham crackers, with cocoa powder and/or cocoa mix sprinkled on top.

    Ben's favorite toast topping is peanut butter (nice and melty!) I've also had it on tortillas.

    My dad used to make delicious shakes with ice cream, hershey's sauce and peanut butter.

    If my stomach is demanding a snack before bed, a spoonful of peanut butter will usually satisfy me and keep my from eating more.

  3. Great Ideas! I have already been looking up recipes for peanut sauce and I completely forgot about peanut butter pancakes and that my kids LOVE apples with peanut butter. I'll definitely pick up apples for the week. Lisa, I have a few graham crackers so I'll try your snack idea this week, too.


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