Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Shopping

We're still in Hawaii.  We bought so much food last week I didn't have to spend much this week.  We made another trip to Costco and I spent $29.19.

2 gallons of milk - $9.96
2 loaves of bread - $7.09
18 eggs - $2.99
2# shredded Mexican cheese - $6.99
Food tax - $2.16

I didn't go to the store again, but Mom bought hot dogs, buns, hummus, another gallon of milk and another dozen eggs this week.  I gave her $15 to cover it since I'm supposed to be buying groceries.

So this week I spent $44.19 on groceries
My annual total is $460.49

On another note, we are leaving Hawaii very soon.  We basically have  a day and a half to eat what's left in the fridge.  Since I don't plan to stuff myself or my kids I think we'll be leaving plenty behind.

I think we'll bring what we can for the travel day, like hard boiled eggs and any brick cheese in slices, but we can't practically eat shredded cheese for snacks and our fruit is almost all gone.  Hm.  I'm sure we'll bring a cooler full of frozen things home, too. 



  1. The price of milk is ridiculous. Are there no cows in Hawaii?

  2. Ha! Yes, there are cows but the dairies are all small-scale and you have to pay even higher prices to support the local dairies. Truly, just under $5 is the best I saw at Wal-Mart and Costco. Target was closer to $7!



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