Monday, February 25, 2013

Salvation Army in Hawaii

I love thrift store shopping, but I don't often get the opportunity.  I was so blessed that my mom and aunt kept the girls so I could hit up the Salvation Army all by myself one morning in Hawaii.

Children's books were only $.25 each so I spent a good half hour carefully looking at everything and deciding what was worth the weight of carrying home.

$.25 Book - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, by Eric Carle
$.25 Book - Little Red Riding Hood, a golden book
$.25 Book - Little Red Hen, a Christian perspective
$.25 Book - DK Robin Hood, full of history and illustrations surrounding the story
$.25 Book - Young Thomas Edison, Level 3 or 4 Reader
$.25 Book - Casey at the Bat
$.25 Book - Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday - lots of budget/money talk lately with DD#! so thought this would be a good book.
$.25 Book - Barbie I Got So Mad!, love books that talk about working through emotions
$.25 Book - Tea For Three - Step 1 reader
$.25 Book - The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts - beautiful copy we giggled over and then sent to Uncle John so he could have a giggle, too.
$.25 Book - Nellie's Promise - American Girl book DD#1 is still a little young for, but Samantha has been discontinued and this is from the Samantha series so I picked it up.
$1.99 Inflatable Kick Board - we can deflate and leave in Grandma's closet
$2.00 Like New gold, sparkle shoes in DD#1s next size
$.50 VHS tape - for DH's birthday tomorrow
$.99 New beach ball - we can deflate and leave in Grandma's closet
$1.00 - white, fitted twin sheet.  We have one who wets frequently so extra sheets are always handy.
$.50 Lion bib for my nephew

All together I spent $10.14 including tax.


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