Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goodwill in Hawaii - $44.40

I had a great time shopping at the Goodwill this week in Hawaii.  There was a huge amount of Target merchandise still with tags on and some great books.  Prices were also reasonable and I ended up spending a whopping $44.40. 

  • My biggest find was a brand new, warm coat for myself.  It fits great, is waterproof, and cost only $9.97! 
  • Next I found some solid, long-sleeve tees for my girls.  These are also brand new and cost only $.97 each!  I love long-sleeve tees because they can be worn under cute summer tops and dresses to extend the little ladies' wardrobes.  I got both of my oldest white and navy with an extra white because sometimes the cuffs get strained.  Then I bought the next size up in navy, purple, and red.  Finally even the next size up in pink and navy.  
  • A pair of khakis for DD#3 didn't make it into the picture, but they were also brand new for $1.97.
  • I bought three pairs of brand new slip-on shoes for the girls for only $2.97 each.
  • A small activity kit - Disney princess themed - also brand new for $.57
  • A pair of cute monster socks for my nephew - also brand new for $.57
  • Thanksgiving napkins - new for $.27
  • Penguin picture frame - DD #1 really wanted a frame for this trip and it was only $.50.
  • $1.99 book - DK/Unicef Children Just Like Me with great photographs and descriptions of children and life in over 30 countries.
  • $.99 book - Magnificent Mazes with historical figures and illustrations
  • $.99 book - DK My First Animal board book
  • $.99 book - Interrupting from the Help Me Be Good series
  • $.99 book - Katie Kazoo Switcheroo - books 1 to 4 in one volume
  • $.25 book - Two By Two - a noah book with GREAT artwork
  • $.25 book - The Man Who Learned About Jesus - story of Paul
  • $.25 book - DK Ocean with stickers
  • $.25 book - Save It or Spend It? - Social studies finance plan
  • $.25 book - Thomas Jefferson A Man of Ideas - social studies book
  • $.25 book - Pilgrim Boy - a Beka curriculum book
  • $.25 book - If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln - AWESOME history book series
  • $.50 book - Mini Shopaholic - just a paperback to read on vacation
  • $.50 book - The Good Neighbor - children's book about The Good Samaritan
  • $.50 books - 3 little board books with prayers 
Altogether with tax this cost $44.40 which sounded so shocking at the register!  But I just reminded myself $10 for  coat, $10 for the solid tees, $6 shoes and then my normal under $20.

Now, how to fit it all in the suitcases . . .


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