Monday, February 11, 2013

This Week's Shopping

I was a Fred Meyer girl this week. 

I had to kill about half an hour on Thursday before I picked up one of the kiddos and one of the other kiddos needed to go potty.  So we stopped at Fred Meyer to use the bathroom and I picked up a couple of dozen eggs because they were on a great sale.

I shopped Friday because we were low on fruit and we were headed out of town for the weekend.  I also wanted to find cinnamon rolls for a special treat.  I spent $20.43.

$2.29 - Cinnamon Rolls for weekend away
$3.29 ($1.00 MC) = $2.29 each -Coffee Creamer
$.69 - English Muffins on clearance
$1.67 ($.40 Store coupon) = $1.27 - Sour Cream
$1.67 ($.40 Store coupon) = $1.27 - Cottage Cheese
$.64/lb - Bananas
$.99/lb - Bosc & Anjou Pears
$.48/lb - Oranges
$.99 each - dozen eggs
$.89 - Lettuce on clearance

I went to Fred Meyer again today because I needed a few things for our Hawaii trip.  I spent $20.07.

$.50 each - Mac'n'Cheese my mom asked me to bring to Hawaii
$.17 each - Top Ramen my mom asked me to bring to Hawaii
$3.59 - Crackers purchased for airplane snacks (Grrr.  These were supposed to be only $2.00!)
$1.99 - Turkey pepperoni on clearance for airplane snacks
$1.00 - Hamburger buns for DH's pulled pork while we're in Hawaii
$2.29 - Lunchable nuggets on clearance for lunch at airport
$.64/lb - Bananas
$2.99 ($1.00/2 MC) = $2.49 each Coffee Creamer

I'm a little irritated that I spent so much this week when I'm trying to keep the shopping under $30, but I know the snacks will help tremendously with kid distraction on the flight and I know a packed lunch is so very much more affordable than an airport meal!  Also, crackers, mac, & ramen shouldn't be purchased if I'm following the grocery challenge rules strictly, but I had to make an exception for the trip.

$1.98 + $20.43 + $20.07 + $11.16 milk delivery = $53.64 on groceries this week
I'm up to $301.55 on groceries for 2013.  

I've also been setting aside money each week for bulk purchases.  That will come in handy when I buy 40# of chicken in the next few weeks.  Zaycon is selling boneless, skinless for $1.79/lb.


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