Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pantry Challenge 2013!

Finally!  Welcome to the Pantry Challenge 2013!  I usually challenge myself each January to use food I have on hand and spend very little on groceries.  Sometimes I have such a bulging pantry that the challenge continues into February.  This year it will certainly continue into February since I'm starting so late!

Here is the messy pantry.

And more food stashed down behind my art supplies.

The freezer is pretty full, too.

Here is the pantry after some organizing.  It doesn't look like much change but I got all the "hidden" food back into sight on the shelves.  I also put a lot of things into their bins including 12 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of whole wheat flour, raisins, and some quickoats.

And I found all sorts of expired stuff I should use up right away.  I see lots of cookies in my immediate future.  Mmmm.

During the challenge I try to spend $30 or less on perishable food each week.  If I'm spending $11 on milk, that only leaves $19 for produce, creamer, cheese, etc.  Should be fun!  Check in Sunday to see if I stayed under $30 for the week!

This will be doable when I'm in town, but I'm going to be in Hawaii for two weeks in February and that will be next to impossible.  I'm sure I'll post about my food planning for that trip since I take as much as I can with me due to prices over there.


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